Hey you. 

I'm Howard,  the founder and director of this here studio. As a father, husband, and film-maker - I've got a passion to tell meaningful stories that can shape the minds of those who watch - ultimately helping change the world for the better. 

An entertainer at heart, all my work is served with a dash of irreverence, a dollop of comedy and a big bucket of imagination.
But creating culture-shifting content is not a solo sport, so to do this, I work with a close team of collaborators who share a similar ethos and passion for the work they do. Here's some pics of the hooligans I work with regularly.

Even though I look young, I'm actually old.  My wife just makes me use good skin cream. I've been producing content since 2006,  from feature films to animation to documentaries and beyond. I've hit my head many times, learned from my mistakes (mostly) and been forced to grow into this beautiful industry where we get to make people laugh, cry, and think about the meaning of life. 

The type of work I believe I'm mostly called to is content that will nudge people closer to - arguably -  the most important thing in life. For me, that's an active awareness and surrender to a loving, creative being that we call God. 

What's the most important thing in your life? 

Let's find out, and make some magic together. 

Lots of love,